How To Get More Local Targeted Traffic

As I travel through my city, I notice more and more merchants putting up a "going out of business" sign. Yet, I always think, "If they had received more local targeted traffic to their store or web site would they have to close?"

The truth is many merchants are so busy running the business they do not spend as much time as they can to increase in-store and web site traffic. But it’s really not their fault to an extent as they may not have the expertise to get the job done right.

There is good news though! Any business owner can use three simple strategies to increase targeted local traffic to their store or web site. Keep in mind you don’t want just browsers. You want people who are interested in what you are selling and are ready to purchase.

Here are three easy strategies that can assist you to get more local targeted traffic:

Local Targeted Traffic Strategy #1: Capture Information

While at the register waiting for the cashier to process my purchase, I am surprised more store owners do not ask for my email address or physical address. Why is this important? So, they can follow up with me!

Think about this for a minute! If just purchased an item from your store I like what you sell. Now if you had my email address or physical address you can contact me with specials or whenever you have closeouts. Radio Shack is good for doing this as they always ask for my zip code.

One of the ways a store owner can increase sales is to increase the frequency of purchases. The only way that can happen is if you reach out to your "buyers" on a consistent basis.

The question is, "Do you know how to follow up with people that do not require you to invest a ton of money and time?" If not, give Bronx Web Design a call and we can assist you.

Local Targeted Traffic Strategy #2: Audio

Let’s say you are a CPA and there were some changes that occurred with the tax laws. You could create a simple MP3 file and email it to your clients who can then download it and listen to it on their MP3 player or on their computer.

Or, you can send them to a page on your web site where they can play the recording you created. In the email, you can ask them to send the link to their friends who may benefit from the information. On the page with the recording you can have a form where new visitors can submit their info to join your mailing list to receive future updates.

If you are unsure of how to put all of this together, give Bronx Web Design a call and we can help you.

Local Targeted Traffic Strategy #3: Video

Let’s say you are a Landscaper and you came across some wonderful information on how to help your grass grow quicker and look greener. You can create an informational video showing the techniques, upload it to your site (not YouTube), contact your client’s and point them to the page to watch the video.

If you carefully look at the three strategies mentioned above they are simple yet very effective in keeping you in touch with your customers. This is just three ways you can get local targeted traffic to your website or store.

At Bronx Web Design, we are well versed in many online and offline strategies that could assist you to increase local targeted traffic to your store or web site. Give us a call at (347) 284-6958 to find out how we can assist you or complete the form above.

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