Restaurant Marketing Service

Watch the video below to learn how our Restaurant Marketing Service can help you to build loyalty, drive sales and increase profits by getting more customers into your establishment.

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Below is a sample showing 41,000 people living in the Bronx, NY who have birthdays coming up next week (we can target anyone anywhere in the US). The estimated number of potential customers you can reach daily is between 297 to 857 people who would love to visit your restaurant if they had a reason too!

People Having Birthdays Next Week In The Bronx

Over the next 3-months, there are 160,000 people celebrating a birthday in the Bronx, NY. You could reach between 428 to 1,200 people daily. Don’t you want to be in front of these people when they look for a place to celebrate their birthday?

days In The Bronx withing 3-Months

Sign up for our Restaurant Marketing Service today so you can get these birthday customers into your establishment starting at $297 for the first 30-days by clicking the payment option below. Afterwards, you can continue with the service at the regular rate of $597 a month or we part ways! It’s your choice.